Tube Series TD50L & Affo Series AF13 - Hunter Combo



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Tube Series TD50L & Affo Series AF13 - Hunter Combo

Meet With Hunting Combo AP13+TD50L

A hunting combo containing an entry-level thermal imaging monocular for searching and a middle-end digital night-vision Riflescope, both devices are  from InfiRay Outdoor.

AP13 adopts a self-developed 12μm sensor@ 256×192 resolution and ensures high-quality thermal imaging, 13mm objective lens produce a great field of view. The device supports photo taking and video recording functions, has a built-in high-speed 32GB storage capacity. 

TD50L adopts CMOS HD sensor@1440×1080 resolution featuring ultra-low light performance and HD display also integrated powerful algorithms. With 13-hour battery life and a replaceable external battery, also the traditional tubular design, the device suits the using habit of traditional hunters.

HD images with higher quality brought by the high-performance sensors and algorithms

Large internal memory storage and long battery life to meet the requirement of whole-night video recording

Multiple colour palettes(AP13) and image modes(TD50L) to choose from

Un-visible IR laser (AP13), combined with digital night vision ensure the effective hunting

During the group hunting activities,980nm un-visible IR laser(AP13) can match better with TD50L digital night vision riflescope, without the fear that preys could be frightened away, more effective and more professional.

AP13 can be used for a quick searching preys and targets,meanwhile TD50L will act the role of precise shooting, perfect combination for group hunting!

Your Wise Choice of Hunting Combo TD50L+AP13

Model AP13 Model  TD50L
Thermal Imaging Resolution 256×192 Sensor resolution, pixels  CMOS 1440×1080
Pixel Pitch 12um Pixel size, μm 4×4
NETD ≤40mk Frame Rate, Hz 50
Frame Rate 25Hz Objective Lens, mm 50 (F1.2)
Focal Length of Thermal Imaging Lens 13mm Field of View, º 6.6×4.9
FOV 13.5°×10.1° Magnification, x 4x~16x(4x Zoom)
Visual Magnification 1.2×~2.4× Eye Relief, mm 70
Digital Zoom 1×, 2× Resolution, pixels 1280×960 LCOS
Diopter Adjustment -3D ~ +1D Capture/Video Record Resolution, pixels 1280×960
WIFI Support Detection Range, m 600
Detection Range (Target Size: 1.7m x 0.5m, P (n) =99%) 675m IR Illuminator Wavelength 850nm /940nm (optional)
Display, resolution 720×540 LCOS Battery Built-in 6600mAh and a replaceable 18500 battery
Interface Type-C/HDMI Max. Operating Time (at temp.=22 ºC), h* >13
Battery Life  9.5h External power supply 5V (Type C USB)
Battery Type/Capacity Built-in Lithium Battery 103450 *2 Diameter of the riflescope body to assemble the mounting rings, mm 30
Operating Temperature -10~+50℃ Max. Recoil Power on Rifled Weapon, g/s² 1000
Ingress Protection Rating IP67 Degree of protection, IP code (IEC60529) IP67
Storage Built-in 32GB memory Built-in Memory, GB 16
Weight ≤340g Weight (without replaceable Battery), g <1000
Dimensions, mm 161×60×57 Dimension, mm 395×85×75
APP/Wi-Fi Support (InfiRay Outdoor) APP/Wi-Fi Support (InfiRay Outdoor)