Flip Hand Held Thermal Imager PH35



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Flip Hand Held Thermal Imager PH35

The FLIP series PH35 is a handheld thermal camera in a brand new form with an integrated folding design. It is easy to carry and with a large display, giving users brand new user experiences, excellent image quality, and powerful functions. 

5-inch AMOLED, 1280×720 HD display 

(Display contrast means the measurement of the brightness level difference between the brightest white and the darkest black in the light and dark area of the display. The greater the difference range, the greater the contrast. The smaller the difference range, the smaller the contrast. Good contrast can more easily produce vivid and enriched images.

The contrast is the key to visual effects. Generally, larger contrast brings clearer images, and small contrast makes the whole image dusky. High contrast greatly helps improve the clearness, details, and grey level for infrared images.)

9600mAh large-capacity battery, with 9h battery life. The quick charger in the box allows the full charge in 2.5h, and 5V 2A chargers are no more used

(Common handheld device: 4000mAh battery capacity, allowing the device to be fully charged in 4h; Large-display handheld device: 9600mAh battery capacity, allowing the device to be fully charged in 2.5h only) 

Supporting real-time playback

(The first handheld thermal camera equipped with the playback function. You can use this function during photo and video taking without connecting it to a computer or cellphone)

One-key activation of laser, light, Wi-Fi image transmission, digital magnetic compass, photo and video taking, 64GB ultra-large memory

It adopts the metallic packaged 20um detector, with excellent detection performance, providing high-quality images (try to ignore the 20um metallic packaging and emphasise the high-quality module in publicity)

5-inch HD AMOLED further improves image quality.

The handheld E6+ V3 (a 640 handheld product on the market with relatively good effect) connecting to a JHOPT HD display (1280×800 resolution, one of the external displays with the best effect on the market) is used for comparison.


Model PH35
Detector Type Uncooled Vox
Thermal Imaging Resolution 640x512
Pixel Pitch 20um
Spectral Band 8~14μm
NETD < 40mk
Focal Length 35mm/F1.0
FOV 21°×11.5°
Detection Range 1475m
Frame Rate 50Hz
Display Resolution 1280x720
Display AMOLED
Manual Focusing Yes
Image Mode Jungle, city, bird watching
Palette Mode Black-hot, white-hot, red-hot, palette
Digital Zoom 1×, 2×, 4×, 8×
Wi-Fi Image Transmission Support
Photo/Video Taking Support
Quick Charge Support
Light Support
One-key laser activation Support
Line Reticle Support
Stadiametric Rangefinding Support
Interface TypeC
Storage 64GB internal memory
Battery Life 9h
Operating Temperature -10~50℃
Ingress Protection Rating IP66
Weight ≤ 820g