Rico Series Thermal Rifle Scope RS75



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Rico Series Thermal Rifle Scope RS75

Meet Rico Series-RS75
Rico-RS75 ushers in a whole new era of high-definition thermal with its most powerful thermal imaging detector. RS75 is the first to adopt a thermal imaging detector with a resolution up to 1280*1024. Every RICO with the 1280 detector will be transformed into a completely different class of product. Altogether with its 2560*2560, 1.03-inch AMOLED display, and optimised optical opponent, RS75 is designed to be the dream scope for night hunters.
First 1280 Resolution Sensor Product
The clarity is redefined with the 1280 detector. The image keeps incredible detail even at full 12x zoom, which 640 detectors cannot provide.
Detection Range Up to 3896m/4260yd
RS75 features a 75mm objective lens. The combination of insane focal length and the powerful detector expand the detection range to over 3800 meters.
    Ultra-Clear Mode

    Like the sport mode of the vehicle, RS75’s ultra-clear mode pushes the performance to the limit by temporally increasing consumption. Users can still see detailed images on rainy and foggy days with the facilitation of the ultra-precise mode.

    Large HD Screen

     RS75’s 2560*2560 1.03-inch AMOLED display can take the best advantage of the powerful detector and provide exquisite images as well as a comfortable visual experience.


    The Picture-in-Picture function improves accuracy by providing a 2 x-magnified image of the reticle area, at the top of the display. It helps to magnify the target while maintaining visibility of the entire field of view.

    Optimised Eyepiece

    The optical design makes the image to be distortion-free at any angle. Altogether with the 60cm eye relief, the eyepiece can provide a better visual experience and effectively alleviate the dizziness arising from long-time observation.

    LRF in Box

    The standard configuration includes RICO LRF, which can accurately capture and display the target distance with an accuracy of ± 1 m and a maximum distance of 1000 m.

    Worry-free Recording

    The improved microphone makes the audio to be crystal clear. 128G internal memory enables users to store countless hours of footage.






    Resolution, pixels


    Pixel Size, um


    NETD, mk


    Frame Rate, Hz


    Optical Characteristics

    Objective Lens, mm


    Field of View, º


    Magnification, x

    E-zoom, x


    Eye Relief, mm


    Diopter Adjustment, D

    -3 +3




    Resolution, pixels


    Operational Characteristics



    Max. Operating Time (at temp.=22 ºC), h*


    External power supply

    5V (Type C USB)

    Max. Recoil Power on Rifled Weapon, g/s²


    Degree of protection, IP code


    Amount of built-in memory, GB


    Operating Temperature Range, ℃


    Weight, g


    Dimension, mm


    USB Interface


    Detection Range, m  (Target size:1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%)